As a mum-to-be and shortly going on maternity leave in 2013, I wanted to start a project that would both keep me entertained during pregnancy and also be something I can do when the baby was born. I came across sock gifts whilst at a craft fair and really liked them. After a bit of research I found lots of gift ideas that use socks. Soon I had my own website up and running (thanks to my amazing partner!) and my kitchen at home turned into a little workshop of my own!

Now we hand make all sorts of baby and toddler gifts so there will definitely be something for every little one! Each item is handmade so they are unique and no two are the same. I do not use pins or needles in the products so they can be worn and used straight away. All of my products are designed and made for new-born’s and toddler’s, having said that if you do have any specific requests for other ages or adult sizes then please let me know using the ‘contact us’ page or by emailing

As well as my business, I also write a parenting, lifestyle and fitness review blog where I review so you can get on with family life! So pop over for more information!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website!